5 Easy Self-Care Habits You Can Do for Better Mental Health

5 Easy Self-Care Habits You Can Do for Better Mental Health

Are you currently feeling like your life isn’t going as planned or feeling constantly exhausted? Are you feeling like you’re losing control of your life and your motivation? Perhaps it’s time to hit the brakes and take a step back.

You know what? Making time for yourself is not a bad thing because you are what matters at the end of the day. Especially in these trying times, we need to check the health of our mind, body, and soul. Self-care is about taking care of ourselves in order to make us feel stronger and happier before we can help others. . Remember, feeling good about yourself helps you feel good in other aspects of your life — family, relationships, work, and even physical health.

Not sure of what to do? Worry not. We’ve made a list of ways you can practice self-care every day.

Ease Your Mind

A clear, calm mind helps you get through even the worst day, so try to include some activities that help you relieve stress and anxiety in your daily to-do list, such as meditation. Meditating gives you a chance to focus your attention and remove those jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind. Try to join a meditation class or listen to your favorite meditation podcast online. To complete your reflection, light some scented candles or, even better, diffuse your favorite essential oils. Botanical Essentials Reed Diffusers come in three scents: bergamot, patchouli, and ylang. Each stimulates your mind in a different way — bergamot energizes, patchouli balances, and ylang relaxes.

Treat Your Body

Remember the Latin phrase mens sana in corpore sano — a healthy mind in a healthy body. We need to take care of our bodies to have a healthy sense. Ensure you eat high-quality and nutritious food, drink enough water, and take some supplements if necessary. Find the type of workout you enjoy the most and do it regularly at home. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of hygiene. Taking a shower is a mechanism to chase away germs and bacteria and the harmful and toxic energy that has been bugging you. Use your favorite aromatic body wash from Botanical Essentials to relax while keeping your skin clean at the same time.

Write Down Your Feelings

Journaling is an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety. You can write down your thoughts and feelings to get them out of your head and chest and understand them more clearly. It helps you get familiar with what lifts you and what drags you down, what makes you happy, and what makes you troubled, so you can better manage your mental health. Do it regularly so that you can keep track of your improvement day by day.

Create Your Cozy Space

Practicing the things mentioned above might require a unique space — a space that makes you feel calm, safe, comfortable, and good about yourself. Somewhere you can switch off when you need to. Pick a spot at home and declutter it. Bring in some comfortable pieces of furniture and maybe some plants and your favorite decorations. Don’t forget to put a Botanical Essentials Reed Diffuser to help you unwind.

Always Choose Your Wellbeing

It’s important to know that everyone has their preferences. When it comes to self-care and self-love, you’re always allowed to be different from other people. For example, what works for us might not be enjoyable for you. We pick patchouli, but you might like bergamot better. Whatever you choose, whatever you say no to, always prioritize your wellbeing and never compare yourself to others. You do you.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these self-care practices! However, don’t forget that, at its core, self-care is a personal journey. Self-care is never about doing what’s popular; it’s about finding what works and feels right for you.