By hero Bergamot

Revitalizing and Energizing BERGAMOT Travel set

Kind to the Skin. Kind to the World. Our products are made responsibly and designed effectively for your skin's health. We believe in creating a unique aromatic experience from sustainably derived ingredients. This Bergamot essential travel set contains all the patchouli variants including body wash, body lotion, antibacterial hand wash, hand sanitizer, and home & linen spray. Our Essential Travel pouch is made from a reusable, waterproof material which is hygienic and easy to clean. Its compact design fits your travel bag and your active lifestyle. Use it to store all your necessities.

Rp 250.000

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Meet the match

Okay, we got some of your favorites. For a more wholesome sensory experience, It’s time to take it up a notch by pairing up your choices with these other products that we think you might love.

Home & Linen Spray BERGAMOT 60 mL / Rp52.500
Antibacterial Hand Wash BERGAMOT 300 mL / Rp180.000

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